Fibroid Network is a UK based, Patient Led volunteer, support group, serving as a focal point for women’s fibroid and health issues with the aim to improve women with fibroids, healthcare and health education in the United Kingdom and internationally.

It is independent, group, sharing up to date information about fibroids, helping women to make informed choices about alternative treatments to hysterectomy (removal of the womb). Fibroid Network will be providing details of International news & discussion groups, events, contacts, books & articles to the Community.

The Fibroid Network is was founded as a research and action non-profit organization with the following aims:
• To heighten awareness of fibroids as a major health issue.
• To promote a more informed partnership between patients and their health care team. Providing women with access to information about the pros & cons of new procedures to allow them to make an informed choice about all of the treatment currently available.
• To develop support networks of women with fibroids, doctors, hospitals and research centers and support groups
• To increase the quality of care for women with fibroids.
• To promote alternatives to hysterectomy, where appropriate, in an effort to thereby reduce the number of unnecessary hysterectomies performed on women with gynecological problems each year Internationally.
• To promote support groups for women with fibroids throughout the UK & online globally.
• To publicize the treatments for fibroids through Press, Radio and TV, magazine articles and all other possible sources.
• To encourage written information to be provided on the condition, treatments & lifestyle interventions, by Health Care Providers, Hospitals & Local Authorities.
• To encourage research into lifestyle interventions & treatments.
• To provide an International database of recommended Doctors, hospitals, Natural Health practitioners providing treatment for Fibroids. To publish current research linking Universities and scientific researchers to inform Patients, Doctors and Hospitals on evidence based , effective treatments, to help find solutions for this issue.

To analyse important health issues and share views on policy , encouraging catalyse grassroot action.

To encourage women to be empowered & be active participants in their care.

The founder Bridgette York, had fibroids successfully removed & is now the mother of twins ,naturally conceived. She believes it is important for women to be aware of all of the treatment options, if required. We have been campaigning for Patient informed choice through the Fibroid Network , for 15 years. Unfortunately, Doctors are still failing to give adequate information about the condition & available alternatives to hysterectomy (womb removal)

We are not Doctors, please consult your Doctor for a proper diagnosis & for treatment tailored to your individual health needs.

Twitter: World Fibroid Network @fibroidinfo

UK Fibroid Info @fibroidsupport

http://www.fibroid.network or http://www.fibroid.co.uk