Have your Say- UK Parliamentary Group Fibroid Patient Survey on Informed Choice

Fibroid Network UK Patient Survey

All Party Womens Group Survey- Informed Choice for Fibroids Patients

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers in the UK Parliament of Westminster. The group aims to empower women to ensure that they can make an informed choice about the best treatment for them and that they are treated with dignity and respect.

The survey is available here: Click to go to the Anonymous Survey.

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/fibroids-informed-choice#

The group has launched an inquiry into whether women are given an informed choice about the treatment options available for particular conditions. The group aims to produce a report which will assess if women are given an informed choice about treatment options and outline what further improvements might need to be made.

Fibroids is a condition the group would like to shine a particular spotlight on in this report and so would like to hear from patients about their own experience of living with and accessing treatment for fibroids.

We would be really grateful for your help in responding to this anonymous survey about your personal experience. Your responses will remain anonymous, but will help to ensure that women in the future are given full information about their treatment options and a fully informed choice about the treatment that suits them.

If you would like any further information about the report or the group’s work more generally please contact the group secretariat by emailing appgwh@pbpoliticalconsulting.com or calling 020 7735 6963. Completing the survey, is a rare opportunity to have your say about your care. You can add , how it can be improved? Whether you feel fully informed about the many fibroid treatments available. Did you understand the treatment options and outcomes. Did you meet your treatment goals? What info would help you in your treatment decisions.




Summary of Fibroid Research findings for Women with Fibroids and Black Women related Health Issues

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors on the uterine muscle . 99.95% of fibroids are benign & remain benign, even if they grow in size. Not all fibroids become very large & they vary in size from microscopic sizes to Watermelon size. The Authors grew to 8 months pregnancy size & weighed 11 pounds when it was removed. It was 22cm high & 33cm in diameter. It is not unusual for women to have more than 1 fibroid . (The author had 4). One US Doctor informed me that he’d removed 200 from 1 patient & still managed to retain preserve her womb. A myomectomy is the removal of just the fibroids, its similar to shelling peas from a pod if they are numerous. This article is an overview of Fibroid Research in relation to Diet, Treatments, Black women & fibroids, statistics, fertility and social issues involving fibroids. Continue reading