Bridgette York – Founder of the Fibroid Network Support Group

Volunteer & Founder of Fibroid Network Patient Support Group – 1st specialist Fibroid Support Group in the UK
2000 – 17 years
Fibroid Network International  (Browser version): @fibroidinfo
UK Fibroid Network Twitter (Browser version) @fibroidsupport

Fibroid Network Research from a Patient’s Perspective  @fibroidnetwork

Member of PIN : Patients Involved in NICE (National Institute for Excellence) , which gives recommendations to the NHS on current & new technology from the patients perspective.

Research Contributor to the NHS Heavy Menstrual Bleeding / Fibroids Guideline
Worldwide Fibroid Seminar Speaker
Fibroid Research from the Patients Perspective QOLY HRQOLY
Fibroid Patient Quality of Life & Patient Safety advisor
Informed Patient Choice advocate
Women’s health advocateSeminar Speaker
Personal experience of Fibroids , successfully Treated. Continue reading


Fibroid Network is a UK based, Patient Led volunteer, support group, serving as a focal point for women’s fibroid and health issues with the aim to improve women with fibroids, healthcare and health education in the United Kingdom and internationally.

It is independent, group, sharing up to date information about fibroids, helping women to make informed choices about alternative treatments to hysterectomy (removal of the womb). Fibroid Network will be providing details of International news & discussion groups, events, contacts, books & articles to the Community. Continue reading