Bridgette York – Founder of the Fibroid Network Support Group

Volunteer & Founder of Fibroid Network Patient Support Group – 1st specialist Fibroid Support Group in the UK
2000 – 17 years
Fibroid Network International  (Browser version): @fibroidinfo
UK Fibroid Network Twitter (Browser version) @fibroidsupport

Fibroid Network Research from a Patient’s Perspective  @fibroidnetwork

Member of PIN : Patients Involved in NICE (National Institute for Excellence) , which gives recommendations to the NHS on current & new technology from the patients perspective.

Research Contributor to the NHS Heavy Menstrual Bleeding / Fibroids Guideline
Worldwide Fibroid Seminar Speaker
Fibroid Research from the Patients Perspective QOLY HRQOLY
Fibroid Patient Quality of Life & Patient Safety advisor
Informed Patient Choice advocate
Women’s health advocateSeminar Speaker
Personal experience of Fibroids , successfully Treated.

Speaker at the Largest Fibroid Seminar in the UK to date, hosted by the Griot Institute over 500 women attended

Speaker at the Largest Fibroid Seminar Worldwide, in Kingston , Jamaica. Over 4,000 people attended

NHS Guideline Development Lay Panel Member for the Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Guideline & Fibroids CG44 NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence NHS 2004 – 2007 England, UK

Patient Rights advocate
Media Representative
Social Media Researcher
Quality of Life & Patient Outcomes
Medical Researcher

Media Liaison assistant

NHS Guideline Development Panel Member for the Multiple Birth Guideline NICE (National Institutes for  Clinical Excellence), NHS 2013 England, UK
Assisted in Drafting the NHS Guideline
Stakeholder Engagement
Patient Carer Representative
Stakeholder research
Advisor on Access to Healthcare
Quality of Life Patient Outcome Researcher


Press Articles:
Bridgette has raised Fibroid Awareness in the Press & has appeared on National TV & Radio to ensure that women are aware of alternatives to hysterectomy for Fibroids

BBC NEWS | Health | I had an 11lb fibroid removed Jan 2007 – Bridgette York, battled for a decade to get treatment for her fibroids that didn’t involve having to have her womb removed.Hysterectomy had been the Gold Standard Treatment for Fibroids.

The Guardian Observer The Unkindest Cut 28 Jul 2001 – Such ignorance of the alternatives to hysterectomy for fibroids prompted solicitor Bridgette York to launch the first charity for fibroids

The Daily Mail Robbed of their femininity: How thousands of women are having needless hysterectomies

Appeared on ITV & BBC Radio to promote Fibroid Awareness.

York Law Twitter : @yorklawlondon

Fibroid Network UK @fibroidsupport

Fibroid Network Research @fibroidnetwork

Fibroid Network International @fibroidinfo

Bridgette York LLB Hons Lond. ONL
Senior Solicitor Criminal Lawyer
Business Development Team
Social Media Advisor
Court Advocate
Specialist in Serious & Organised Crime & Defendants with Learning & Mental Health Difficulties
Youth advocate