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We will give women with fibroids a voice. We deserve to have Informed choice of Treatment Options. Its Our body, Our Choice.

Fibroids and Fertility

We will be featuring the Latest news on fibroids & fertility. Women with fibroids are no less fertile than the general population.

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Fibroid Network 14th August 2015

Latest Fibroid Books ReleasedĀ  Highlight ad code

Italian researchers have found a link between fibroids & diet 3rd August 2015

An Fibroid Study in Italy foundĀ that fibroids were more common in women who ate beef and ham frequently, and less common in women who...

Use of medical, surgical and complementary treatments among women with fibroids 16th July 2015

Jacoby VL, Jacoby A, Learman LA, Schembri M, Gregorich SE, Jackson R, Kuppermann M Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol. 2014 Nov;182:220-5 PMID: 25445104...

Fibroid Network Online is back 12th July 2015

Welcome to Fibroid Network Online. Our new site is being redesigned. Come back soon.

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